Made in The U.S.A

Our products are Made in the U.S.A. and we are very proud of this fact.

"Why buy American?" You ask. "The other stuff is cheaper."

Sometimes that is true, but it does not mean you will receive a safe and quality made product for your money. When buying Made in U.S.A products you feed this country's economy. When you buy a foreign made product you are helping another country's economy. By purchasing Made in U.S.A. products you help strengthen yourself, your community and other American Workers just like yourself. Every day more companies are closing their doors. Some have pulled up entire operations and moved them to other countries. These foreign countries are able to mass produce products at a much lower price due to slave like conditions with low wages and low quality product to start with. Some countries pay their people .50 cents an hour, and some even less then .50 cents a day. Their own workers can't even afford what they make.

Buying American Made Products, produced and manufactured here puts money right back into our own peoples pockets, where it can do the most good. Americans promote their own economic health and empower their own households and communities when they buy Made in U.S.A. items. For many American workers and laborers not paid to produce these goods it means lost jobs and for some lost lives. Everyone should think about this before they run off to the local discount chain store to save .50 cents or a dollar because the next store or factory that closes could be the in your neighborhood and it may be your neighbor or even yourself or someone else in your family who loses their job.

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