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Indian Scout Cam Lobes

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Designed for 1931 - 1953 V twins from 30.5, 45, 57, 74, 80 cubic inch engines. Our cams are made from 8620 steel and are case hardened to 60 rockwell .060 deep.

Ollie - is a really good all around cam. It's quiet with plenty of power, good for every day ride-ability, smooth idle and easy on the valve train.

Bandit - Has a lot more mid range power for going up hills or passing cars and not as hard on the valve train as is the shunk.

Shunk - This is a "racing" cam and delivers more high rpm power than any ot the other cams but will substantially shorten the valve train life.

Savannah - Also provides a higher lift, longer duration, more power but not speed.
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